Woman holds photo to show two contrasting faces - one happy and colourful, the other serious and in black and whitePublic relations for non-profits has one primary goal: to close the trust gap between your organization and the people who might support or connect with you.

To start, consider the three pillars for any trust-based relationship: competence, reliability and sincerity.

You are a source of hope

In the midst of the focused work you’re doing with programs, services, and fundraising, why should you dedicate energy to something as broad as public relations?

Because your organization’s survival depends on the people who invest their money, time, personal information, and above all, their belief that you are a source of hope.

As John Lepp of Agents of Good said, “Donors don’t give to your charity. They give to your cause. You just help them.” If your supporters don’t trust your organization, they will find a way to give to make change happen — it just won’t involve you.

What have you done to help build trust in your non-profit organization?
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