When you work in nonprofit communications, how do you make the most of the power of one? A recent Twitter chat, #NPtalk, mashed a great mix of reality, advice and camaraderie for the small (or nonexistent) team.

If you’re on a small or solo nonprofit communications team – or as one person said, a “less than one” person team – check out the summary post I wrote about the Power of One on the #NPTalk blog.

Being on your own is, in itself, one of the big challenges: no one to share projects with, no buffer between you and any number of unforeseen interruptions.

But there is help! Lots of ideas came up during #NPTalk for helping to tame your To Do list, from tech solutions, to strategies, to ye olde pen-and-paper.

Read all about it, or join in for a future #NPTalk – held every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET.

How do you keep things under control?